Sign and Share this Petition: Investigate Betrayal of Nobel Peace Prize!

The Nobel Prize Foundation and other Nobel Prize Awarding Institutions should be thanked for their century-long efforts to educate and hopefully bring about more peace in the world.  At the same time, however, these institutions must be made aware that their efforts are increasingly undermined, and deeply perverted by their growing departure from the original criteria set forth in Alfred Nobel’s will for selecting the recipient of the Peace Prize.  Such continual disregard of the original intent of the “Peace” Prize actually serves to enable the waging of war, fulfilling Orwell’s prediction about how propaganda works in making people believe that “war is peace”.  Obviously the majority of officials and people involved with the various Nobel Organizations and Nobel Peace Forum sponsors are not intending to do this, to help the cause of war and militarism.  They  simply have not conducted the self examination necessary to realize how seriously off-track the Peace Prize has gone.  Similarly it took a lot for Alfred Nobel himself to see the light, that his invention of dynamite would be used for violent wars and murder.  So it’s understandable how so many organizers and sponsors could simply be oblivious to the underlying problem. 

The purpose of our on-line petition is to get more Nobel Peace Prize officials to critically think!  Please consider signing and then sharing the petition with everyone you know in order to get more signatories to support the ongoing investigation launched by Norwegian peace author and researcher Fredrik. S. Heffermehl.

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